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We need forklift drivers in Parma Idaho!
We are seeking 10 forklift drivers with experience no certification required. In-house certifications offered. Forklift operators will be required to perform operating duties in the following areas:  	
a.Storage:  You will be placing empty bins onto the bin filling machine.  The full bins will be stacked in storage, 2 (two) at a time, up to 8 bins high.  This process will be respected over and over until all storage's are filled.
b.Packing Process Bin Dump Area:  Full bins of onions will be removed from the storage's and placed in the bin dump area.  From there, the bins (one at a time) will be placed on the packing line bin dump machine.  After the bin is dumped, the forklift operator will remove the empty bins and stack the empty bins correctly in stacks of 4 (four).  The stacks of bins will be moved outside and stacked in lines or moved back to the storage's and stacked inside. 
c.Finished Product:  The pallets of onions that are in bags or cartons will be moved by the forklift operator to the pallet wrapping machines for wrapping if they do not come off the automatic palletizer line.  From there the wrapped pallets of onions will be placed in lines according to size, color, and label for shipping.
d.Truck and Railcar Shipping: A load manifest for each truck and railcar will be posted in the loading area.
e. Bin Repair and Maintenance: Broken bins will be place near the shop area to be repaired. Upon repairs being completed, the bins will be moved by forklift operator to the appropriate area that holds that particular bin. There are several different ages of bins and sizes of bins.	

All employees are required to help sweep up dirt and debris during and at end of day, no exceptions.

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