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General Maintenance
Policy: To maintain common area facilities that is acceptable to management and appreciated by customers and tenants

● Inspect and replace light bulbs and ballasts.
● Patrol mall and identify damage and items in disrepair.
● Ensure all door closures and hardware are in good repair.
● Repair and replace broken tile or missing grout.
● Scrubber and other janitorial equipment repair and maintenance.
● Stand Pipe and electrical room cleaning.
● Assist outside maintenance when required.
● Assist Floor walkers and Food Court staff.
● Cover shift for food court, Graveyard, and Floor Walkers when necessary.
1. Inspect all Common areas for damage and items in disrepair daily. If items cannot be fixed that day report them to operations director (or Assistant) so repair can be scheduled.
2. Review weekly Security inspection for Light bulb repairs every Monday.
3. Repair or replace interior common area lighting and exterior entry lights as needed.
4. Repair or replace ceiling tile in common area as needed.
5. Repair Roof leaks as needed.
6. Inspect scrubbers every Monday and maintain or repair as needed.
7. Inspect and repair Bathroom fixtures every Sunday.
8. Wash exterior and interiors, inspect lighting and check fluids of all MVM fleet vehicles on Sunday.
9. Check Emergency power generator fluids and fuel monthly.
10. Provide a documented list of items in need of repair to be addressed the following week every Thursday to the Operations Director by midday.
The above is a basic outline of your job duties and not considered your only duties. You will be required to do other duties as assigned.
The Mall Operations Team is directly supervised by the Operations Director. Requests for Customer Service or Mall Maintenance service may also come from the Customer Service Staff, as well as tenants and customers. Check with Operations management prior to acting on tenant or customer requests. Additional tasks and direction may come from any member of the Management Team, to include the Property Manager, Marketing Director and Security Director.
Each employee is required to complete the Magic Valley Mall Team Training Procedure for his/her specified Job Description. He/she must also successfully pass each trainee evaluation procedure within a required time frame to become a permanent employee. Each employee will be evaluated once or twice per year by his/her immediate supervisor.
As members of the Mall Operations Team you will have access to and may become aware of certain things that are confidential. These may consist of standing orders, staffing levels, security incidents, banning forms, suspect pictures, tenant contact listings, management and employee contact listings, payroll and or pay discrepancies, prospective tenants, vacating tenants, problem tenants, problem employees, etc. Disclosing of any company information is considered a breach of security. This could result in the comprising of the security function, harassing phone calls and cause unease among employees and/or tenants. Disclosing of any information and failure to perform job functions as requested could jeopardize your position. This job description is designed to give each individual a basic idea of the function of the Mall Operations Staff. The full function of each employee will be discussed during the mandatory training period.

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