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How do I apply with Personnel Plus?

You can easily apply from the comfort of your home via our Online Job Application or visit one of our Office Locations and complete an application in person. Once you have completed the job application at home, must then come into one of our offices to complete the process. Please make sure that you bring legal identification with you for I-9 purposes (Acceptable Documents). The interview process can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

You may also apply for any number of job openings listed here on our Job Openings Board. Please note, that you must first complete your employment application with us before applying for a position. Creating an account is free of charge and the process only takes a few moments. Your account stores your personal information and resume information. You can also update your information as necessary.

How do I get a job?

When a client gives us an order, we contact selected individuals who have an existing account in our database. You will be given the necessary information such as: company name, location, hours, proper attire, pay rate, and job description.

How long are potential assignments?

Job assignments can vary from hours, days, and weeks as well as months. You may also receive an chance to be hired by the client company as a full-time employee. Before accepting an assignment, make sure that it fits within your parameters.

Once an assignment ends, please notify us so that we can keep your file current.

Do I owe Personnel Plus money for their services?

There are no fees for our services.

How do I get paid?

We process payrolls on weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly basis, depending on the client company you work for.

Who is my actual employer?

When we send an you to a client we become the employer of record. This means that we take care of payroll taxes, workers compensation, and unemployment insurance.

Any questions involving you, the associate, must then be directed to Personnel Plus, Inc.

What is the Hazard Communication Standard?

The Hazard Communication standard implements the “Right to Know Act” related to the workplace. The code sets requirements for information and training with hazardous chemicals used in the workplace. Federal law requires all states to comply with hazard communication regulations.

What if I am injured on the job?

Please inform your supervisor immediately if you are injured on the job. We do maintain workers compensation insurance for all our employees.

You are required to complete a “first report of injury” within 48 hours of the incident. Failure to complete this report within the 48 hours may result in denial of the claim by Personnel Plus, Inc.

Do you have a drug and alcohol policy?

Yes. The use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace creates a danger for all those involved. Your safety and the safety of others are always in danger if drugs and alcohol are present.

We perform pre-employment drug testing, random and post accident testing. We are a “Drug Free Workplace!”

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