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You have a job opening? Come place a Job Order with us. We present you with qualified candidates and complete fulfilment process, submit payroll, employee paid, invoice sent, follow-up and ensure on-going customer service.

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Fill out an application online. Complete interview and job placement. We'll introduce you to the client. Time recording by using our custom Timeclock interface or paper time cards. Get a paycheck. Great work, service and attitude can opens door to possible Full-time employment.

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Featured Idaho Job Opportunities

Qualified employees are eligible for company insurance benefits. Our Staff will provide more detail for what you, our valued employees, qualify for.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Jonathan G.

    Personnel Plus is great! They have the best service and great employees. Being around the employees is like being in... read more

  • Donald T.

    Every employee has been great to me! They work hard everyday! I have NEVER had anyone in that office to... read more

  • Ana M.

    Found me a job fast and have a great friendly staff

  • Tony M.
    5 star rating

    Great Place to find work or find employees. Staff very friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

  • Josiah M.

    Worked with Travis and thankful for the help looking for a worker.

  • Firefighter 2.

    After not useing personnel plus for 4 year it was less than an hour before I was resigned up and... read more

  • Jose S.

    Great place to go and find quality employment. Staff is friendly, respectful and treat people with dignity. Go to these... read more

  • kyle l.

    Many of the reviews on here are claiming to have experienced long wait times, unreasonable drug tests, and below quality... read more

  • Jose R.

    Ladys helped me out, highly recommend Personnel Plus

  • FirstThings F.

    Excellent place of job placement! In n out within 15 minutes and the front desk lady is gorgeous 😍 I... read more

  • Peter E.

    Get with personnel plus, they are friendly and can help you with all your staffing needs

  • Brad Fritz

    Ok so this place is better than people are saying, they have not only gotten me a job that... read more

  • daniel y.

    I am giving a decent rating because they did get me a so-so job that bridged a gap for two... read more

  • A G.

    This is my first time using an agency to find a job and I must say they were incredible. They... read more

  • Kevin T.

    I love this place they have helped me find a job no matter what and they never gave me a... read more

  • 208 C.

    If you want to work, can pass a drug test, and show up on time, these people will help you... read more

  • Cortnee S.

    10/10 would recommend personnel plus!

  • Pierce M.

    Great service exellent customer service couldnt be more happy

  • Cortnee S.

    Great staffing service! 10/10

  • Sheila

    Hope is an amazing young woman who is eager to help you find the job or carreer of your dreams.... read more

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