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Personnel Plus, Inc. History

With a history spanning several years, Personnel Plus, Inc. is a locally-owned, full-service staffing firm boasting six offices strategically located across Idaho. We are devoted to providing comprehensive staffing solutions, accommodating an extensive range of employment scenarios from full-time and permanent to part-time and seasonal positions.

Our proficiency extends to a vast array of sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, warehouse operations, industrial roles, construction, retail, food service, medical, office and clerical work, customer service, administrative tasks, and a broad spectrum of technical and professional roles. Our dynamic team comprises 20 full-time in-house professionals who manage and support a robust workforce of over 1,600 temporary employees deployed across Idaho.

At Personnel Plus, Inc., we take pride in our local roots and expansive reach, continuing to connect employers and employees in diverse industries, thereby contributing to Idaho’s thriving economy.

Every employee that joins Personnel Plus, Inc. is meticulously screened through a comprehensive process that includes interviews, skills assessments, drug testing, and OSHA safety training. We also ensure that they receive adequate job orientation. As a licensed and bonded company, we provide all our employees with workers’ compensation insurance, ACA health insurance, and unemployment insurance. We believe in the golden rule of treating our employees with dignity and respect, which aligns with our company motto of treating employees like “Gold.” Our constant endeavor is to exceed our client’s expectations with exceptional service.

Personnel Plus was first started in 1990 when our founder, Tony Mayer, decided to leave the Fortune 500 corporate environment after serving as Vice President for two large companies with offices and factories throughout North America. Tony left the Fortune 500 environment to seek out other potential high-growth business opportunities that would allow him to relocate back to Idaho.

Personnel Plus traces its roots back to 1990 when our founder, Tony Mayer, chose to step away from the Fortune 500 corporate landscape. After serving as Vice President for two large companies, Tony felt tAs a result, this full of high-growth opportunities would bring him back to Idaho. As a result, this company has excelled in connecting the right people with the right jobs, contributing significantly to Idaho’s vibrant job market.

Upon returning to his roots in Twin Falls, Idaho, Tony Mayer rented a small business incubator unit from the local College of Southern Idaho. A comprehensive market survey revealed a significant demand for a business of this nature. Recognizing the opportunity, he spearheaded the establishment of the first staffing service office in the Magic Valley region.

In 1991, Mr. Mayer entered into a franchise agreement with a seasoned national staffing company and launched operations in Twin Falls, Idaho. The business expanded in the subsequent years, opening a second office in Burley in 1993 and a third in Boise in 1994. After the initial five-year franchise term, Mr. Mayer concluded that he could better address the staffing requirements of his clients as an independent business rather than a franchisee. His dedication to client service and understanding of local needs allowed Personnel Plus to continue its growth trajectory as an independent staffing firm.


Tony Mayer successfully negotiated an exit from his franchise agreement, incorporating the business as Personnel Plus, Inc. in 1996. Unhindered by franchise restrictions, the company embarked on a sustained growth path, launching additional offices in Nampa and Fruitland and extending its reach with satellite offices in Jerome and Pocatello.

Since its inception in 1991, Personnel Plus has built a sterling reputation among clients as a reliable and consistent provider of staffing solutions. Our industry knowledge and expertise have broadened, allowing us to serve hundreds of businesses and government agencies across our service regions. As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering dependable results and exceeding client expectations.

Over our several-year journey in the staffing industry, we’ve recognized that businesses must continually evolve and adapt their operations to meet the shifting demands and challenges of the modern workplace. Global events, such as the recent pandemic, underscore the importance of this adaptability, prompting staffing services like ours to reassess and innovate in response to these emerging challenges. Our commitment to modernization and agility ensures that we remain a trusted partner for our clients, capable of addressing diverse staffing needs in a rapidly changing world.

In a strategic move to further streamline and enhance our services, Personnel Plus, Inc. has developed a proprietary Vendor Management System (VMS). This advanced platform offers a suite of tools designed to empower our employees and clients alike. For our employees, it provides the convenience of online employment applications, a resume builder, an Android mobile app, SMS/MMS communication capabilities, and time-card management tools. Additionally, employees can download and upload PDF time cards, access payroll history, and download tax forms such as W2/1095.

Meanwhile, our client-centric features include an Android mobile app, access to invoice history, a payment ledger, and the ability to pay single or multiple invoices using credit/debit cards or ACH payments. The system also incorporates a secure wallet for storing payment methods and facilitates online employee requests. These progressive tools reflect our commitment to using technology to optimize our operations, simplifying processes for our employees and clients, and ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional service in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Personnel Plus, Inc. is a locally owned and managed, full-service personnel firm serving all of for over years. Our company has successfully placed part-time, temporary, and full-time employees in many of the area’s businesses and governmental agencies. We are the preferred supplier to many of them. We believe that over the years we have earned the reputation of being the area’s Best Staffing Service by consistently providing top-quality service and qualified employees to our clients.

Personnel Plus, Inc. offers a full range of qualified employees covering a broad spectrum of job categories including Office, Administrative, Clerical, Secretarial, Technical, Professional, General Labor, Industrial, Medical, and Food Service.

We work diligently on ensuring that our policies and practices are kept up-to-date and that they are in compliance with current government regulations and labor law. We understand the challenges of today’s workforce and as a result the importance of recruiting and maintaining a qualified labor pool. We also appreciate the importance of delivering excellent customer service and of maintaining ongoing communications and updates with our customers and employees.

If you are in the market for a Top Quality Staffing Service, then we encourage you to give us a try and fill out our Request Employee Form. Then you will see why, for since 1996 years, Personnel Plus has earned the reputation as the area’s Best Staffing Service.

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