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Temporary Employees – Tips for Bringing Temps On-board

Temporary Employees – Tips for Bringing Temps On-board Bringing temporary employees to your workforce offers a huge competitive advantage and great flexibility to your business. Sometimes it can take a while for your internal team to adapt. Here are some suggestions or tips that can help to improve the working relationship and help…

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Workplace Stress – Tips For Managing It

Managing Workplace Stress Managing Workplace Stress is claiming more and more victims in today’s busy world. There are ringing phones, unanswered emails, unmet deadlines, people yelling, and this is just in the workplace. Going home only brings on a whole new set of stress triggers and challenges. So how does…

Introducing Your Total Staffing Solution

When the Going Gets Tough

Get Motivated! I’m tired of hearing about the tough economy! Frankly, I’ve resolved personally to focus in on the good and the positive things ahead! Keeping that in mind, I wanted to share several ways I have found to turn negative thoughts into positive action. Avoid negative people. Negative and…

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Your Temporary Business Partner

We Want to Be Your Temporary Business Partner! Personnel Plus would like to be your temporary business partner. Assisting your business with innovative and cost-effective staffing services. Staffing intelligently can propel your business to a new level of success. We offer a variety of staffing services to meet the needs…


Stop Losing Your Best Employees

Stop Losing Your Best Employees As the economy begins to pick back up, your top performers may end up getting offers from other companies. In past downturns and recoveries, many talented people jumped ship, especially when they perceived there was more opportunity elsewhere. So what can you do to retain…

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Common Resume Blunders

Common Resume Blunders Make sure your resume is top-notch by avoiding the common resume blunders: 1. Too Focused on Job Duties Your resume should not be a boring listing of job duties and responsibilities. Go beyond showing what was required. Demonstrate how you made a difference at each company, providing…

Re-entering the Job Market Meeting

Re-entering the Job Market

Re-Entering the Job Market Whether you’re a stay at home parent getting ready to go back to work, entering a new career or recently unemployed, re-entering the job market can be an overwhelming proposition. To help, here a five steps to help you overcome employment barriers and find a great…

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Overbooked and Overstressed

How to Handle Job Burnout Some people are just happy to have a job. Others are really struggling with being overbooked and overstressed. While some would say that “too much to do” is merely a sign of job security in today’s economy, it won’t do you any good if you…

Workplace Mistakes Happen

Mistakes Happen … to all of us

Mistakes Happen – But How You Handle Them Can Have a Huge Impact Everybody makes misktaes (oops, that should read “mistakes”), but while a blog typo may be easily forgiven, mistakes happen, other mistakes on the job can have serious consequences – for you, your boss, or even the company…

Giving Constructive Feedback

Giving Constructive Feedback

How to Provide Constructive Feedback Giving and getting honest constructive feedback is essential to grow and develop. And for managers it’s an integral part of building a successful organization. So why is it that many of us put off giving Constructive Feedback to our employees? Often, it’s because we don’t…

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