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Jobs in Fruitland, Idaho

Fruitland Staff Facebook Feed

Fruitland Community Park, Fruitland, ID Start searching for jobs by creating a free account with us, then fill out your employment application. For over twenty-six year Personnel Plus, Inc. has been staffing the follow positions: Office, Administrative, Clerical, Secretarial, Technical, Professional, General Labor, Industrial, Medical and Food Service. Allow us…

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Temporary Employees – Tips for Bringing Temps On-board

Temporary Employees – Tips for Bringing Temps On-board Bringing temporary employees to your workforce offers a huge competitive advantage and great flexibility to your business. Sometimes it can take a while for your internal team to adapt. Here are some suggestions or tips that can help to improve the working relationship and help…

Personnel Plus employee resources on stress management

Workplace Stress – Tips For Managing It

Managing Workplace Stress Managing Workplace Stress is claiming more and more victims in today’s busy world. There are ringing phones, unanswered emails, unmet deadlines, people yelling, and this is just in the workplace. Going home only brings on a whole new set of stress triggers and challenges. So how does…

Introducing Your Total Staffing Solution

When the Going Gets Tough

Get Motivated! I’m tired of hearing about the tough economy! Frankly, I’ve resolved personally to focus in on the good and the positive things ahead! Keeping that in mind, I wanted to share several ways I have found to turn negative thoughts into positive action. Avoid negative people. Negative and…

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Your Temporary Business Partner

We Want to Be Your Temporary Business Partner! Personnel Plus would like to be your temporary business partner. Assisting your business with innovative and cost-effective staffing services. Staffing intelligently can propel your business to a new level of success. We offer a variety of staffing services to meet the needs…

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