Deciding When to Hire

When Is It A Good Time To Hire?

So knowing when to time to hire again and how do you know? These are questions that you can ask yourself:

    • Are employees taking advantage of vacation time?

      If employees are not taking the time off they’re due, this could also be a sign of an overworked staff. Your staff may feel like there’s simply too much to do in order to take time off.

    • Are deadlines being consistently missed over the past few months?

      Deadlines are missed on a daily or weekly basis, then that may be a sign you’re understaffed.hire_decide

    • Are overtime costs consistently on the rise?

      Regularly rising overtime costs may be an indication of under-staffing. Your workforce may simply not be large enough to meet the needs of your work-flow.

    • Have you turned down new opportunities because you don’t have enough people?

      You’ll lose your competitive edge without the right people with the right skills in place.

    • Are you frequently augmenting your staff with temporary or contract workers?

      If you are using temporary employers in the same departments to perform the same tasks over and over, it may be a sign you need to hire a full-time employee to fill that role.

    • Have you checked to make sure you are following your business plan?

      Business plans are important and you created it for a reason. Unfortunately if you have a lack of time and resources this could be the reason that you’re not following through with it.

    • More and more often are employees calling in sick?

      If you notice more and more employees frequently calling in sick, this could be a sign of an overworked work force in your company.

Asking yourself these questions should help you to have a better understanding about whether or not it’s the right time to hire. If you have questions – or are looking to hire additional full-time or temporary staff – Personnel Plus, Inc. is here to help. As one of the leading staffing agencies, we can source, screen, and hire, so you can focus on other priorities, allowing you to get back to business.