Get Rid of Burnout

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Getting Rid of Burnout!

Are there moments when you realize your life needs simplified? Things have just become to complicated. Phones of all flavors, text, email, text being email … messaging period; we’re more available to any and everyone than ever. Maintaining our focus with out interruption is all the more unlikely.

These are a few methods that can help to eliminate burnout and get you back on track.

Take attention to your self care.

Taking good care of YOU is critical if you intend to put the “best” of you forward in every part of your daily life and with the people and situations you encounter instead of the left overs of you! Making sure you’re giving yourself permission to make self-care a priority. Self-care will show others how to perceive and respect you by valuing and appreciating who you are [and not leaving a lingering aroma to the opposite on your way out].

Establish rigid boundaries and enforce them.

Use the word “no” more often, and especially when saying “yes” would be lying to yourself.eliminate

Delegate tasks for others that they can handle.

Superheroes are characters in comic books and stories, and while they are fun to imagine and think about … they aren’t real! If you are trying to do it all by yourself, a full one person show, then it’s time to consider help. It is important to give up some of the control in order to decrease the number of things swarming your “tasks” list. Being able to recognize when you have a need AND being able to ask for help (when possible) are critical. Never forgetting the fact that the most successful people work in teams; they don’t succeed alone.

Get rid of completely or reduce energy drains.

Clutter, situations, people are all things that sap your energy! Get rid of them. Stuff that drains us are: things that are unresolved, unfinished, undone, incomplete or avoided. For examples: clutter, unanswered messages, unfinished business, repairs, unpaid bills, avoided conflicts/confrontations, negative thinking.

And have fun! Every one of us requires downtime. Always make sure to mix in some fun into your life – your productivity and quality of life will thank you! 🙂

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