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How to Handle Job Burnout

Some people are just happy to have a job. Others are really struggling with being overbooked and overstressed.

While some would say that “too much to do” is merely a sign of job security in today’s economy, it won’t do you any good if you can’t cope with the stress. Over time, being chronically stretched too thin can take a toll on your job performance, state of mind and physical health.Overbook and Overstressed

So if you feel like the pressure is too much to bear, here is some advice on effectively broaching the tricky subject of job burnout:

  • Make sure you’re not part of the problem

    If you procrastinate or have other bad work habits, your boss may not be sympathetic to your plight. So before you go pointing fingers, examine your own performance to see if you could make changes that would improve your situation.

  • Do your homework

    Before approaching your boss, document your situation in writing. Detail what your job entailed originally and contrast it with what you’re doing now. Track the hours you work (both at your company and home). Preparing yourself with these details will provide a clear picture of your workload and keep you from sounding like a complainer.

  • Broach the subject gradually

    Your concerns will be better received if you introduce the topic of feeling overburdened as part of a series of discussions with your boss. Keep him or her informed of your current responsibilities as well as additional work requests. Once your boss understands what’s truly on your plate, he or she will be less likely to add more.

  • Enlist the help of others

    If co-workers are also feeling the pressure, approach your boss as part of a team. Develop and present a plan to remedy the situation by: bringing in temporary employees or increasing headcount; reorganizing responsibilities; delegating outside your department; streamlining processes. Offering well thought-out solutions may help you gain your boss’ support in alleviating the problem.

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