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Re-Entering the Job Market

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent getting ready to go back to work, entering a new career, or recently unemployed, re-entering the job market can be an overwhelming proposition.

To help, here a five steps to help you overcome employment barriers and find a great job faster:

Step 1: Explain why you have a gap in work history–before asked.

Many job seekers don’t include information about their gap in employment when submitting a resume. This is a mistake. It causes the prospective employer to imagine and guess at what you’ve been up to. So be sure to include details about your gap in employment in either your cover letter or resume. This will eliminate any guesswork on the part of the employer.Re-Entering the Job Market

Step 2: Highlight any volunteer work or community activity in which you were involved.

Whether it’s sitting on a local community board or fund-raising for your child’s school, be sure to include any volunteer work on your resume. Just because you didn’t get paid, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t count.

Step 3: Be upfront and don’t try to lie or hide anything in your interview.

Chances are an interviewer will ask you about your gap in employment during the interview. Don’t be vague or try to fabricate facts. Instead, be completely honest about the situation.

Step 4: Take time to strengthen your skills.

If you haven’t sat in front of a computer in five years, then you may want to update your skills. Consider taking a class at a local community college. An employer is much more likely to hire someone with updated skills who they don’t have to train.

Step 5: Be realistic.

Your next job may not be a step up from your last job. Compared to someone who hasn’t left the workforce, you may need to make a lateral move, or even take a small step backward in order to land a good job. So focus on the bigger picture and how a small step back can really help you achieve your goals in the future.

If you’re just re-entering the workforce and need help finding a new job we can help. We currently have several great jobs throughout. Simply apply online with us or contact us today to learn more!

Personnel Plus, Inc. is a locally owned and managed, full-service personnel firm serving all of for over years. Our company has successfully placed part-time, temporary, and full-time employees in many of the area’s businesses and governmental agencies. We are the preferred supplier to many of them. We believe that over the years we have earned the reputation of being the area’s Best Staffing Service by consistently providing top-quality service and qualified employees to our clients.

Personnel Plus, Inc. offers a full range of qualified employees covering a broad spectrum of job categories including Office, Administrative, Clerical, Secretarial, Technical, Professional, General Labor, Industrial, Medical, and Food Service.

We work diligently on ensuring that our policies and practices are kept up-to-date and that they are in compliance with current government regulations and labor law. We understand the challenges of today’s workforce and as a result the importance of recruiting and maintaining a qualified labor pool. We also appreciate the importance of delivering excellent customer service and of maintaining ongoing communications and updates with our customers and employees.

If you are in the market for a Top Quality Staffing Service, then we encourage you to give us a try and fill out our Request Employee Form. Then you will see why, for since 1996 years, Personnel Plus has earned the reputation as the area’s Best Staffing Service.

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