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Temporary Employees – Tips for Bringing Temps On-board

Bringing temporary employees to your workforce offers a huge competitive advantage and great flexibility to your business. Sometimes it can take a while for your internal team to adapt. Here are some suggestions or tips that can help to improve the working relationship and help you achieve even better staffing results:Temporary Employees Tips for being Temps onboard

  • Make temporary employees feel welcome

    Temporary employees are a separate part of your workforce (and must be treated differently because of co-employment laws). You and your staff can still make them feel welcome in your organization. Encouraging social interaction (e.g., formal or informal introductions) among all workers can foster social ties essential to a cohesive workforce.

  • Educate your direct staff

    Take time to clearly explain the role and value of temporary workers. Knowing the benefits of temp employees may help them understand their role and work more productively with them.

  • Take advantage of training

    If you use large numbers of temporarily, many staffing services will develop customized orientation and training programs for specific positions. This shifts the time-consuming burden of getting new temporary employees up-to-speed off your direct employees’ shoulders.

  • Check in often 

    The first few days check in daily with the Temporary employee. Nothing formal, just a quick chat is more than enough to make sure they do not have any questions or concerns. If they are going to there long periods of time. Check with the temporary employee weekly. Speak with your direct employees as well to get their thoughts and suggestion and if there is room for improvement with the temp.

Bottom line, there are a number of steps you can take keep relations between temporary and direct employees positive. The more positive their working relationship, the better the results will be for everyone.

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